"You're running late today. I've been waiting for you."

There isn’t anything unnatural about this!



神原 秋人 / Mika

栗山 未来 / Rundevinrun

akirai weekday four » cursed
"senpai, what would you know? ever since i was born, i’ve been treated like a demon. people are even afraid to touch me. how could you possibly know how i feel?!"
"kuriyama-san, you’re the one who doesn’t get it! i’m just like you.


New official art featuring the main KNK babes.

"Do I look like a normal person to you?"


akirai week day 3 : ring / glasses

i had this idea of a fanfic where mirai saves up her money to take akihito to amsterdam to see the spectacles museum for his birthday! but i cant write so!!